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5 Ways Families Can Be Helpers

November is always a welcomed reminder for gratitude and thankfulness. Looking back on the year as the days grow shorter gives us a chance to look at how blessed we are and a chance to share our blessings with others. Make no mistake, no matter how hard or easy our lives are at this time we can all give. Money might not be an option, but we all have time and energy. So what can we do? Here are a few ways that even our youngest members of our community can contribute because it’s never too early to practice gratitude through contribution. Check out our 5 ways ……

Mr Rogers was right!

Be an outstanding neighbor! I recently signed up with Nextdoor because I wanted to be available for anyone who needs my help. Nextdoor is a free social media platform that exists to help neighbors connect, share, and grow their neighborhood network. https://nextdoor.com/. Sign up for a free account and make it known you’re a neighbor that is here to be a helper in the ways that you can 🙂

Support your community

If you want to help your larger Seattle community directly with sharing food, or even be a reading buddy to someone who could use a friend check out family works. This community of folks connects neighbors and families to nourishing food, essential resources, and a supportive community, so people can build resiliency to meet life’s challenges. If you want to be involved click here to help! If you are not in Seattle, research volunteer opportunities in your local area.


Protect your environment

If helping the environment is more of a calling for you, our city needs your help. Now more than ever we need our community members and kids to step up and learn to be good stewards of our environment. You and your kids can help clean up our local parks hand in hand with the city. Check out their volunteer board here: https://www.seattle.gov/parks/volunteer/current-volunteer-opportunities. Again, for our families that are not based in Seattle, I’m sure there is a parks and recreation department that needs help in your town too!

Make packages for those in need

For those on the go, care packages in the car can change someone’s life. Members of our communities who have no housing or who are panhandling on corners need any help they can get! Often people are hesitant about giving money. Instead, you and your kids could put together care packages for those who need it most. How do you create a care package?

    • Head to a dollar store and gather supplies. (Hats, cloves, rain coats, winter essentials, food, and whatever personal touches you think would be meaningful.)
    • Pack the supplies into bags/boxes and place them into your car.
    • As you drive by those in need you can distribute your care packages and share the joy of giving with your kids and model “being of service on the go”.

The picture up top is of Lucas and Danny doing that very thing 🙂

Join our donation-based class

Kong Academy is collecting donations for Youth Care through offering a donation based class. Curt Jordan, our founder will be running a class at Gas Works park on Saturday, 11/27/21 from 11am-12pm. 100% of all donations collected from this class will go to Youth Care, because we believe that no child should be without a home and every child deserves the knowledge and skills they need to face and better the world.

Together we can make this world better. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” Hellen Keller. Let us use this month as an opportunity to be a helper for our neighbors, our parks, and our community members who need it most. Let’s celebrate the joy of giving! Let’s do this together! Let’s be a helper!



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