Kong Academy | Empowering Kids Through Play

Kong Academy Values

At Kong Academy we ascribe to a set of values that are integrated in all the work we do with students, parents and educators.

Kids in both our afterschool programs and our summer camps range in age from 4-12 with most kids in-between the ages of 6-9.

That means, at Kong Academy we are focused on:

#1 Physical Movement Is The Best Vehicle To Teach Kids New Skills

Kids learn through fun. Games. Play. Parkour. Adventure. Mystery.

Kids have favorite characters and gravitate easily to classic archetypes: dinosaurs, ninjas, animals, nature… by teaching skills in an environment that is fun, relatable and playful, kids practice life skills that are otherwise harder to learn. Physical play is a natural part of how kids operate in the world, so we teach kids in the way they want to learn.

#2 We Work With Kid’s Brains, Not Adult Brains

Childhood is a very special time in our lives. During this precious window, we have the opportunity to play, be carefree and have significantly fewer responsibilities than we will for the rest of our lives. That is why we focus on skill building, executive function development and brain development with a child’s mind. Kids are far more likely to try new things when it’s part of a game. Childhood is when kids develop their inner voice, their self-esteem and their confidence.

We build all three by mindfully focusing on the fun and nurturing the skills to grow naturally through positive peer interactions and positive reinforcement from the adults around them. Does that mean it’s always easy? No, but resolving conflict in a game is far simpler than in a relationship. By teaching kids these important skills in low pressure situations, they learn how to use the tools and strategies we teach for their own best interests and the best interest of their peers.

#3 Fun, Challenging Experiences = High Result Outcomes

If you want your kids to make better choices, or have a stronger ability to manage their emotions, you have to create an environment where they can practice these skills. Our games are self-motivating and kids want to solve the problems we put in front of them because they want to keep playing.

What this gives us is endless opportunities to teach kids to make better choices, solve conflicts, manage their emotions and have better relationships. These are the basic social-emotional-learning (SEL) skillsets parents often request help with from therapists, guidance counselors, and coaches.

Kids don’t learn how to be healthy adults overnight. Practice is the key and at Kong Academy, we are very successful teaching SEL skills through play.