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How a Family can beat the Winters Blues

Fellow Seattle Families,

You know the rainy season can be a challenge with its relentless drizzle and the sun going down at 4pm, but this time of year can also be transformative if we know how to make the most of it. For families, especially those with little ones, it’s a prime time to explore, learn, and grow grit. Let’s discover how we can transform these wetter months into an enriching experience, fostering resilience and persistence in our kids while keeping everyone’s spirits uplifted.


Winter slows all animals down; which naturally invites us to slow down. But a slower pace doesn’t have to lead to a dampened spirit. Often when we sit for long periods we become depressed. And the fastest way to get out of that sump is movement. Motion creates emotion. It’s incredible how a little physical activity can shift our mood for the better. But during those times of depression we don’t feel like it. It’s the last thing we want to do. This is where persistence comes in. We get to teach our kids that even in times when we don’t feel like it we keep going. And are often so much happier, healthier, and fulfilled because we chose to.


  • Inside? impromptu dance-off right now. here’s the music. LETS GO!
  • Outside? Puddle jump, see a puddle jump over it or stomp through it, it’s your puddle 😁

Simple actions like these are not just about immediate fun; it’s a lesson in resilience for our kids, showing them how adapting to and enjoying different situations can be an adventure in itself. So here are things you can plan to do with your family to keep everyone healthy through the winter.

Outdoor Adventures in the Woods:

Embracing the astonishing Beauty of the PNW’s great outdoors. One of the best ways to not care about the rain is to get in it. Kids may complain about having to go out in the rain and not play video games, but if you put up a slip n slide on a hill in a park, watch kids transform into loving the outdoors. The trick is to do something outside, don’t just be outside. Explore the parks, play games in the field, build forts, and embrace the rain.

  • Discovery Park: Explore its loop trail, offering beautiful views and a chance to connect with nature.
  • Seward Park: With easy trails perfect for families, it’s a haven for spotting local wildlife.
  • Carkeek Park: Ideal for younger kids with its short trails and beach access.

Also Year round the Seattle parks has opportunities for families to come and experience workshops, gardening, and volunteer options to take advantage of.

Seattle Indoor Adventures:

However, some days I don’t want to be wet. On those days when the rain is too much, Seattle offers plenty of classic indoor adventures:

At-Home Adventures:

For days when you’re staying in, keep the kids active with these fun indoor activities:

  • Kong Academy YouTube Workouts: Check out Kong Academy’s YouTube channel for a variety of indoor exercises and games.
  • DIY Obstacle Course: Use pillows, chairs, and blankets to create a fun and safe obstacle course in your living room.
  • Blanket Fort Time: Somedays are just meant to be home and be cozy. Embrace it especially after you have been out in the rain and go through the city exploring all that this beautiful place has to offer.

This winter, let’s wholeheartedly embrace the rain. With each outdoor adventure in the woods and each fun activity at home, we’re not just keeping busy; we’re teaching our kids valuable life skills. Together, let’s make this season a time of joyful growth and resilience.

I would Love to Hear From You: What are your favorite activities for rainy days in Seattle? How do you and your family stay upbeat and active during the winter? Share your stories and tips with us, and let’s spread the joy of the season to every family!

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