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How To Help Nervous Kids Be Ready To Go Back to School

The start of a new school year often ignites a blend of excitement and anxiety in students and parents alike. While the promise of new teachers, classes, and grades can thrill kids, the disruption to summer routines and separation from home can also feel daunting. As parents, we play a crucial role in making this annual back-to-school transition as smooth as possible for our kids, both emotionally and practically. With some thoughtful preparation and words of encouragement, we can help them confidently embrace the year ahead.

Have a Conversation

One of the most effective ways to ease worries is to have an open, empathetic conversation. Gently ask about their feelings – are they eager to see old friends? Nervous about a strict new teacher? Share your own favorite first-day-of-school memories to get them excited. Validate any concerns they express: anxiety is normal. But also remind them of past successes, like making new friends or excelling in a tough class. Reassure them that they’ll adapt quickly with your support. The goal is to let them share their feelings, inspire bravery, and build enthusiasm.

Create Familiarity

In addition to emotional support, reestablishing familiarity and routine can minimize first-day jitters. Help reignite old friendships before school starts by arranging video chat playdates or meetups at the park. Attend any back-to-school events or orientations where they can meet the new teacher and re-explore the hallways, cafeteria, playground, and classroom spaces. The more you can make them feel at home in the environment beforehand, the easier their adjustment will be.

Build Routines

Involve them in mapping out their morning checklist: get dressed, eat a good breakfast, and pack the backpack. If you have not made a visual routine for kids, this will be the thing that makes the difference between getting out of the door on time and pulling your hair out in frustration. If you want to learn more about how to do that, check out: How to say goodbye to your morning stress

This back-to-school season, let’s rise to the challenge of preparing our children both emotionally and practically for a smooth transition. By having encouraging conversations, creating familiarity with the school, and reestablishing routines, we can ease anxieties and build confidence. This process equips them with lifelong coping skills to face future challenges head-on. With a bit of additional support and reassurance from us now, our children will gain the tools to tackle each transition along the path ahead with courage and resilience.

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