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Mother’s Day Debrief : Let’s Be Real

I’ve had my fair share of less-than-stellar Mother’s Days, where my hopes were crushed and I ended up feeling disappointed.’

Two years ago, neither my sons nor Curt remembered it was Mother’s Day (okay, I admit it was in the middle of Covid and we didn’t have “Mother’s Day” signs in our face all day long … Last year, although they had made plans, nothing was prepared. It’s kind of hard to make a nice breakfast if there is nothing in the fridge … Talk about a bumpy ride! 🎢

So, here’s what I’ve learned: Instead of hoping they’ll read my mind or magically know what I want, I’ve started being upfront and telling them exactly what would make my day special. And you know what? It works like magic! ✨

This year, I requested a nice breakfast, a beautifully set table, flowers, and a heartfelt card. I shared my desires openly, and guess what? It didn’t spoil the surprise or dampen the joy. In fact, it made Mother’s Day relaxed, fun and just wonderful! 💐❤️

The lesson I’ve learned is that it’s okay to express what we want. We often put unnecessary pressure on ourselves and expect others to figure it out. But when we communicate our needs, everyone can have a great time and no one is left guessing. It’s a win-win! 🙌

Moving forward, I’m making it a practice to be clear and open with my family about what I want. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. Just like in my business, where I can clearly communicate my expectations, I want to do the same with my loved ones. 🗣️💖

So, if you’ve had similar experiences and disappointing Mother’s Days in the past, I encourage you to consider sharing your desires with your family. Let’s create an environment where everyone knows what will make each other happy. Together, we can make Mother’s Day and every day truly special! 🌼

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