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Screen Time Danger: Are You Harming Your Child?

Want to know why kids today are struggling? Why behavioral problems are on the rise!?

Most children allocate just 2-4% of their week to play, amounting to no more than 3-7 hours. What’s worse is that a third of children indulge in even less play, barely totaling three hours a week. Instead of playing, their time is spent on their or their parent’s phones.

Why Should You Care?

Because “play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It’s essential for healthy brain development, enabling children to interact with their surroundings from an early age.”

Furthermore, consistent play has even been linked to reducing future legal issues, emphasizing its role in understanding diversity.

Dr. Sara Baker from Cambridge’s Play in Education, Development and Learning research center, underscores this by stating, “Children thrive when they play, nurturing foundational skills like communication, confidence, and teamwork. Beyond academic advantages, play is a source of joy, strengthening bonds within families and communities.”

What Can You Do?

1. Limit their screen time

No more than 2 hours a day on screens. And instead, allocate 1 hour a day to playing off screens. Be prepared for your children to complain and be bored for a short time. Boredom is IMPORTANT for your child’s development! When they are bored they have time to daydream, think, and discover. That is where the gold lies. Boredom gives them an opportunity to uncover passions and new endeavors that would have never happened if they had their nose in a screen.

2. Schedule nothing

Schedule time for your kids to do NOTHING. Research highlights an interesting parental perspective. Approximately 70% of parents seem to lean towards structured, achievement-focused activities like competitive sports or language classes for their children, often overlooking the value of unstructured play. This shift towards structured engagements has seen a rise of 57% in recent years. However, experts caution against overlooking the holistic benefits of play. Let them Play Their Way. Give them choices. Let them choose. If your child never gets the opportunity to make choices, they will never learn how to make responsible ones.

It’s time we re-evaluate the essence of play. When we nurture a culture of play now, we’re crafting a future with empathetic leaders, visionary thinkers, and connected communities.

At Kong Academy, our objective is to champion play’s crucial role in family routines, placing it on par with other nurturing activities like storytelling at bedtime or healthy eating. As World Play Day approaches on October 12, Kong Academy is gearing up to share inventive ways parents can infuse play into their bustling schedules.

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